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Top Pros and Cons of Socialized Health Care


Health care reform is currently the most hotly debated topic in the political arena. Everyone from the President, Speaker of the House, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Al Franken, retirees, the middle class, the upper class, the lower class, and me. The only ones who do not care about what happens with the health care issue is the youth.

Socialized Health Care works to a certain level in other countries, mostly countries with a smaller population and a higher tax rate than the United States. Although there are some which are comparable in size or even larger.

There are two major Pros to moving towards a Socialized Health Care system and five major Cons. First I want to look at the Pros:


  1. August 10, 2009 at 7:03 pm

    There has been a great deal of talk in the media — print, radio, tv — just about everywhere about the behavior and tactics being employed by various organizations. There have been comments about well behaved and polite citizenry attending meetings to voice their opinions. There have been stories of those who haven’t conducted themselves well. I suspect these stories will go on throughout the month of August and perhaps beyond. For one, I hope they do go on well beyond.

    I think both sides have taken essentially the same tactics. Labeling each other with invectives, giving their supporters a ‘playbook’, and attempting to use the media to their advantage. All of this is okay. It is okay because in America we have the right to freedom of speech, assembly and freedom of the press. These are rights that thousands have given their lives to protect. The debate on health care which consumes nearly a fifth of the national economy and involves everyone is something that we should openly debate and understand the intended and unintended consequences of before we change an entire system.

    It is important to provide better access, bend the cost curve so that health care is affordable (and not just through shifting costs by taxing) as well as sustainable, and improving the quality of the care delivered.

    We are a country that leads the world in health care innovation. We have to zealously protect that aspect. No other country in the world is positioned to take our place if we take our eye off this important work.

    But above all democracy demands that citizens get involved and voice their opinions. Follow the healthcare debate and other important health care system issues at http://www.ilovebenefits.wordpress.com

  2. eric
    August 11, 2009 at 12:14 am

    so…..healthcare is not a government funded thing?……..yea we pay more taxes but why not try to make an argument that dosent sound like hear say grade school talk……like how are we going to ensure that if this passes and say a new pres comes in whats to say that funding wont be drastically cut just because it can….which could put us in a worse position than we are in

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